Ohr Chadash Religious School, located in Queens, New York, is an example of a new model of supplementary Jewish education. Comprised of a consortium of three Conservative synagogues in eastern Queens, Ohr Chadash combines classroom learning with experiential programming including ongoing opportunities throughout the year for parent, grandparent and guardian education as well as outstanding Shabbat experiences for young people.


November 24, 2019: The students at Ohr Chadash have been busy learning about the many beautiful and meaningful messages found in the book of Bereshit. In Parshat Vayeira, we learned about how Avraham and Sarah continuously invited guests into their homes. In addition to their great hospitality, the children learned that this act of kindness took place only days after Avraham had performed the ritual ceremony of circumcision and that he was in the midst of healing from this procedure. This is one one sources for the Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim-visiting the sick. At Ohr Chadash, the children made beautiful get well cards for children who are currently ill in a local hospital. We thank Morah Shari who volunteered to bring these get well cards to brighten up the day of the many children that so desperately are in need of a Refuah Shlaymah-a speedy recovery.

Along the theme of showing our appreciation and gratitude for all that we have, the children enjoyed having Rabbi Saks come last week as our guest rabbi. He enthusiastically shared the book, Not This Turkey! We always enjoy hearing from the various community rabbis as this is one of the highlights to our day!

We are going to begin our annual Chai Lifeline Toy Drive. Please bring in a new toy or present to school on either December 8th or 15th. 

We are also preparing  for a special open house on December 15th at Hillcrest Jewish Center. The day will be based on a Chanukah theme where the children will each make their own Menorahs, dreidels and bake and taste yummy latkes and chocolates. More details to follow.

We are pleased to announce that Ohr Chadash will be going on a field trip to the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Sunday, March 1, 2020 for their special exhibit about Auschwitz. This trip is for children grades 5 and up. Parents are invited to attend. We would like to get some feedback as to whether you are interested and available in attending this field trip. Please reach out to either myself or to Morah Shari at stuymom@nyc.rr.com to make reservations.

As a reminder in celebration of Thanksgiving, there will be no Hebrew school next Sunday, December 1st.

October 27, 2019: This session was both unique and special for our Ohr Chadash students. The children began the day with the Havdalah service followed by Rabbi Wise who shared with the students the story of Noah’s ark and the flood. Morah Marina and Nadav, our Shinshin, each taught the children numerous Hebrew words and phrases to enhance their conversational Hebrew. 

In Morah Riki’s class, the children learned about the six days of creation as we read this past week in Parshat Bereshit. The children proudly posed with their art designs and enjoyed sharing with everyone their knowledge about the Torah portion.

October 20, 2019:  The children began the day by joining the Hillcrest Jewish Center Minyan for the Hoshanah Rabbah services. They each had the opportunity to shake the lulav and etrog with the hep and assistance of numerous members of the congregation. In addition, during the section of the services known as Hoshanos, the children marched around the synagogue led by the chazzan, with a lulav and etrog. At the end of the service the children were paired up members of the congregation and were each given a bundle of Aravot-willow branches. Upon the end of the service each member hit the aravot numerous times on the chairs and floor. This fascinating service was filled with much excitement and joy from each of the children which they will not soon forget.

Toward the end of the day, all of the children entered into the Succah for a fun Succot celebration. Morah Judy taught the children about the significance of the Succah and read a story to the students regarding the holiday. Morah Chava led with her guitar numerous joyous songs the children learned regarding the Jewish holidays that took place in the month of Tishrei.

We thank Morah Shari for all of the delicious snacks and drinks she prepared for our Succah party. 

October 13, 2019: We began the morning with our traditional Havdalah service followed by hearing inspirational words of Torah from Rabbi Moshe Saks.  We continued to learn more and more Hebrew words and phrases from Morah Marina and our Shinshin, Nadav. As it was Erev Succot, the children enjoyed decorating beautiful Succah decorations to adorn the Hillcrest Jewish Center Succah. We thank Morah Riki for her creative art projects which enhance the Jewish holidays.

This Sunday we are invited to join the Hillcrest Jewish Center Minyan for Hoshanah Rabbah led by Rabbi Kogan. This exciting service will include the children having the opportunity to shake the lulav and etrog, circle the synagogue during Hoshanot, and banging the Aravot-willow branches upon the conclusion of the service. We will also gather into the synagogue Succah and enjoy some yummy treats. We will also sing festive songs led by Morah Chava in honor of the upcoming holiday of Simchat Torah. Morah Judy is going to share a fascinating story with the children as well. 

October 6, 2019: We began with our traditional Havdalah service followed by Morah Marina who taught the children some basic Hebrew phrases including the days of week. It is amazing to see how much the children remember from last time. Our Shinshin, Nadav also spoke to the children about his family customs in Israel on Yom Kippur.

As it was a few days before Yom Kippur, all of the children learned about the famous book of Yonah which is read on as part of the holiday service. The children learned the story about the story of Yonah and the whale (some say it was actually a big fish). The children proudly made a fun art project depicting this episode in the story. The children also performed Kaparot with coins and learned of the significance of giving charity to the poor especially during this time of the year. 

Our guest rabbi was Rabbi Kogan. He shared with the children a book entitled, The Hardest Word: A Yom Kippur Story by Jacqueline Jules. According to the book, the hardest word in the English language to say is “Sorry”. Rabbi Kogan explained to the children that it is appropriate to say you are sorry and to make amends with each other before the onset of the Yom Kippur holiday. 


September 29, 2019: We had a special visit from Rabbi Moshe Saks, Rabbi of Israel Center of Conservative Judaism (ICCJ). He joyfully taught the children about the book of Breishit and the six days of creation. He did so in a fun, engaging way through song and choreography. The children thoroughly enjoyed the rabbis visit. We are truly blessed having Rabbi Saks as part of our Ohr Chadash community and we look forward to his next visit to our school!

As a new feature to Ohr Chadash, we have incorporated Hebrew language as part of our curriculum. Morah Marina came up and taught the children some basic Hebrew phrases upon greeting someone and introducing yourself for the first time. She will reinforce all of her previous lessons and build on their previous knowledge with new topics to improve their conversational Hebrew.

All of the children were treated to a delicious snack in honor of the occasion. Morah Judy began by explaining to the children about the significance of having round challot during this time for year. Each child was then given a delicious piece of challah dipped in honey. Afterwards, each child enjoyed dipping their apples in honey for a sweet new year!

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy year ahead.


On September 22, after the Havdalah service and Shofer blowing, we had our Shinshin speak to the children, followed by inspirational words from Rabbi Wise. Rabbi Wise also went to the different classes to speak to the children and share with them words of Torah. The students also learned a lot of new Rosh Hashanah songs from Morah Chava during her sessions which included the various sounds of the Shofer.

We had an amazing session on September 15th! After our Havdalah service we heard from our guest speaker, Nancy Churnin, who passionately shared her book, Irving Berlin with the students. The children were engaged and immensely enjoyed her power point presentation of the fascinating story of Irving Berlin and his many great accomplishments he made during his lifetime. Afterwards, she showed the children a book written in braille and each of the students had the opportunity to feel the braille letters for themselves. We gratefully thank Nancy Churnin for coming to Ohr Chadash and sharing her wonderful presentation of her books with our students. 

As we are in Hillcrest Jewish Center, the children all had the opportunity to visit the synagogue’s library. There the children learned about the various sections of the library from Carol Kantro. She proceeded to explain to the children that they can choose from a wide array of Judaic library books. Many of the children indeed took out a Jewish themed book. Our goal is for the children to carry over the lessons from Ohr Chadash and their Jewish culture by reading these books throughout the week in the convenience of their own homes. When they finish reading these books, they can simply return them to the library so that they may choose a new book for the following week. 

Our special guest rabbi was Rabbi Kogan. He came to the different classes with his Shofer, and taught the children about the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Some of the students tried their best to blow the Shofer and we were amazed to hear how some of them did! Speaking of Rosh Hashanah, the children were involved in making some beautiful arts and crafts projects connected to the holiday. We look forward to having weekly art and music classes for the children throughout the year. 

We are excited to have as part of our school, Nadav Klein who is part of the Shinshinim program. He will bring his experiences of living in Israel to your children and share his love of Israel and its rich culture to our students. We welcome all of our knowledgeable teachers who look forward to teaching your children throughout the school year.

The students have been introduced to Jennifer Gold, youth director for H2I, which represents the three synagogues of Hillcrest Jewish Center, Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center and ICCJ. She spoke to each of the classes about many of the exciting programs and activities that will occur throughout the year. We will periodically include any such activities led by Jennifer Gold throughout the year in future emails.

As a reminder, please have your child bring a Kosher, healthy snack  to school each week. In addition, children are encouraged to bring Tzadakah each week. At the end of the year, the children will decide which organization to give their Tzadakah to. Last year we gave significant donations to Masbia and Chai Lifeline. Both organizations wrote a heartfelt letter of appreciation to our children at Ohr Chadash which is prominently displayed on our Ohr Chadash bulletin board at Hillcrest Jewish Center.

Learn about all of our recent events here.