Ohr Chadash Religious School, located in Queens, New York, is an example of a new model of supplementary Jewish education. Comprised of a consortium of three Conservative synagogues in eastern Queens, Ohr Chadash combines classroom learning with experiential programming including ongoing opportunities throughout the year for parent, grandparent and guardian education as well as outstanding Shabbat experiences for young people.

January 11, 2019: We are excited to be back into the full swing of things as we continue Hebrew school at Israel Center for Conservative Judaism (ICCJ) for the duration of the school year. We were given a warm welcome as we began our new Hebrew school sessions at ICCJ. We began in the small sanctuary on the main floor. We had a Havdalah service, learned some Hebrew words from Morah Rotem and some tradition Tu Bishvat songs from Morah Chava Blander. We are so excited to have Morah Chava return to Ohr Chadash and inspire our students with her uplifting songs and words of Torah.

In preparation for Tu Bishvat, we will be celebrating the upcoming

holiday with a special arts and crafts project for all of our Ohr Chadash students. We will be involved in an engaging, hands-on activity in the Shmorg room. We are honored to have Rabbi Kogan join us during this time to assist in educating the students about the holiday of Tu Bishvat. This special project will take place starting from 11:00 am until the end of Hebrew school this Sunday. We are also looking forward to the following week where we will have a special Tu Bishvat Seder. Details to follow.

Looking forward to what most certainly will be a fun and educational day of learning this Sunday.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Boaz Tomsky

Sunday, 12/2/18, was filled with much joy and excitement at Ohr Chadash. Each of the students made beautiful, colorful Menorahs just in time for the for the first night of Chanukah. 

Some of the students had the opportunity to make hand painted dreidels as well. Morah Shari and her brother Paul were busy making delicious Chanukah treats with the students including scrumptious chocolates and potato latkes.

Some of our older students displayed their cooking skills as they fried tons of delicious latkes for all to enjoy. The children were so happy to share their hard work with their parents as they came and celebrated together at the end of Hebrew school.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Boaz Tomsky

Sunday, September 30, 2018: We enjoyed celebrating Hoshanah Rabbah with Rabbi David Wise and the numerous congregants from Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center. The students took an active role, shaking the Lulav and Etrog and marching seven times around the sanctuary while performing Hakafot and singing “Hoshana”. The students were then each given five tied willows branches where they performed an interesting service that is unique for this one day of the year. We thank Rabbi Wise for allowing us to experience this special service and for his explanations and leadership throughout the morning.Morah Judy led all of her classes in the Succah which turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. The children all enjoyed eating in the Succah and reciting the special “Leshev B’succah” blessing. For the last hour of Hebrew school, we all enjoyed the picture perfect weather in the Succah. We prepared many fun activities for all of the children to enjoy and to better appreciate the meaning of the holiday. The students were captivated by Morah Simcha’s fascinating story about a special Etrog. Morah Lynn Blander taught the children many Succot songs as we all followed along with her and her guitar.

Please remember to have your children bring Tzadakah each Sunday. The students will decide which organization we will give the Tzadakah to towards the end of the year.

Students are encouraged to bring their own kosher, healthy snack each Sunday which takes place at 11:00 am.

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