Experiential Programming

A new and exciting component of the “new” Ohr Chadash is the “experiential” part of this new model.  Each of our three Synagogues has hired a “Mashpia” (Leader), who will work with their individual synagogue and rabbi to create and develop approximately fifteen different exciting, meaningful and fun programs, in each synagogue, related to Shabbat and holidays, customs and traditions and other forms of enrichment.  All students and families of Ohr Chadash will be welcome to attend any/all programs in each synagogue.  Children will be encouraged to attend youth services/junior congregation as often as possible. In this way, we will be providing an excellent framework for both students and families to “experience” what is being learned in the classroom.  Families may attend events at all three synagogues if they wish.

Details about these programs will be announced throughout the year.