2019 Purim

March 29, 2019:  The students at Ohr Chadash had a a blast being involved in numerous activities in honor of the Purim holiday. The students joyfully sang with our very own Morah Chava playing her guitar and teaching the students all sorts of fun Purim songs! The children enjoyed baking chocolates and yummy Hamentashen led by Morah Shari and her brother, Paul. The children also had a blast making a beautiful arts and crafts project. The students made Groggers and painted them all sorts of beautiful colors and designs. All of our students were ready to make lots of noise when they heard the name of Haman during the Megillah reading at synagogue. 

The children also participated at the annual Purim carnival, this year held at Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center. There were plenty of fun games and activities and even a bouncy house!

Additionally, the families from Ohr Chadash had an amazing experience at our Kabbalat Shabbat Family Dinner & Celebration at Hillcrest Jewish Center. The children enjoyed the lively service with upbeat, Carlbach tunes. In the midst of the Lecha Dodi song, Rabbi Kogan and others in attendance at the service created a circle and began dancing with all of the children in the synagogue! The children were so happy at this most meaningful service. Afterwards, we had a delicious Shabbat meal with an array of platters of Chinese food. Rabbi Kogan sang numerous fun Shabbat songs with the children throughout this meal and fun was had by as it was self evident by the smiles on all of their faces. Ohr Chadash takes pride in teaching our students about their Jewish heritage in a fun and interactive way.