Classes will meet for half the school year in a participating synagogue:

September 2023-December 2023: Israel Center of Conservative Judaism

January 2024-May 2024: Hillcrest Jewish Center

September 2024-December2024: Congregation Etz Hayim

  Kochavim (Stars) Pre-K, K, and Grade 1 meets on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

  • Tanach (Bible)
    Using age-appropriate material, the children of Kochavim will learn of the Torah from the creation of the world, the tale of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, the travails of the Matriarchs and the Patriarchs, the Joseph story, and how Moses and Aaron led the Jewish people from slavery to freedom.
  • History
    The students will study the Prophets who provided Divine inspiration for the Jewishpeople, from the patriarchal beginnings to the settlement in the land of Israel.
  • Holidays
    The class will learn songs, symbols, and traditions behind each of the Jewish celebrations through age-appropriate study materials.
  • Hebrew
    Kochavim students will learn the basics of the Aleph-Bet, becoming familiar with the letters and the nekudot (vowels) and learning rudimentary vocabulary.
  Chalutzim (Pioneers) Grades 2, 3 and 4 meets on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

  • Tanach (Bible) 
    The students will recap the Books of Genesis and Exodus, refreshing their memories of what they have learned and discovering additional nuances of our Biblical traditions. They will learn of Joshua’s struggle to conquer the land of Canaan and transform it into the Jewish homeland.
  • History
    Chalutzim will study the beginnings of the Jewish-American experience, from the days of exploration and colonization of the North American continent, through the birth of the United States and the westward expansion, and how Jewish immigrants contributed to the development and growth of this nation while maintaining their Judaic heritage and traditions.
  • Holidays
    Through music, art, the Bible and the Megillot the students will build upon their basick nowledge of our faith’s annual celebrations.
  • Hebrew
    Chalutzim students will build upon their previous knowledge of Hebrew, expanding theirworking vocabulary and their ability to write the language.
  Giborim  (Heroes) Grades 5 and 6 meets on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

  • Tanach (Bible) 
    A greater in-depth study of the Torah, emphasizing the many challenges of the journey through the Wilderness, including the Golden Calf debacle, the blasphemy of Korach’s Rebellion, the folly of the Twelve Spies, and Moses’ misdeed which barred his entry into the Holy Land.
  • History
    Giborim will study the Jewish European experience, their migrations from country to country following various expulsions and harsh decrees, the rise of Zionism and the longing for a Jewish homeland. The students will learn about the Holocaust and how the modern State of Israel came into being from the remnant of European Jewry, as well as the constant struggle of Israelis to maintain their nation despite repeated warfare and adversity.
  • Holidays
    A higher level of study of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals, the rudiments of post-Biblical celebrations and events and an exploration of how they developed into annual observances.
  • Hebrew
    Learning Hebrew script, increasing vocabulary knowledge, and developing the ability to confidently converse in the language.
The Gesher Class meets on Sundays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

The Gesher Program is specifically designed for our seventh graders and post bar/bat mitzvahstudents. The group will spend Sunday mornings studying, discussing and experiencing differentJewish values and practices together with their teacher using print and electronic sources. They willalso have a special opportunity to meet with the Rabbis of the three partner synagogues that supportOhr Chadash to explore relevant, current topics. Our goal is to provide an engaging and ageappropriate curriculum.

  • Hebrew language module: Vocabulary, writing, grammar and conversation
  • Davening (Prayer): Developing skills to be able to follow and potentially lead services
  • Tanach (Bible): Learning about the lesser known stories of the Bible and the nuances of the Torah that relate to the human condition and family dynamics
  • Modern Israel: The politics and social climate in the Jewish homeland and studying the lifestyles of their contemporary Israeli counterparts
  • Chagim (Holidays): Learning about the holidays of the Jewish calendar from the original Rabbinical and Biblical sources and present-day debates about the holidays and their modern relevance
  • Machloket (Jewish Debate): Discussing contemporary dilemmas facing Israel and the Jewish peoplefrom the Jewish sources and news media