First Annual Mitzvah Day

April 29, 2018: Our First Annual Mitzvah Day

Dear Ohr Chadah Family,

Last Sunday was a most memorable day for all of us at Ohr Chadash. We gave Tzedaka, decorated cookies, donated toys and books, prepared meaningful letters and cards, made important Charity decisions, leaned a great deal about both Chesed (Kindness) and about giving our time and money and basically spent the entire morning helping and aiding so many others in our community and in Eretz Yisroal. What A Day!

A very special Thank You and Yasherkoach to Rabbi Uri for coordinating this most enjoyable and meaningful program from A to Z…….Todah Rabah. I also wish to Thank all of our teachers for your efforts insuring that our program was such a success. In addition, thank you to the many parents and grandparents for participating, for donating and for working so hard setting such a beautiful example for our students. And finally, Thank You to these amazing Ohr Chadash students for demonstrating, once again, how to translate our valuable Torah Learning into meaningful Torah Actions…….Yasherkoach to all of you.

Enjoy The Photo Album.

Jeffrey Kelman
Ohr Chadash Religious School
Director Of Education And Youth Engagement