March 19, 2022

Saturday, March 19th: Last Sunday was a monumental day at Ohr Chadash.

Our heartfelt appreciation must be extended to everyone who made our
Purim Carnival a truly enjoyable and memorable event.

Thank you to Rabbi Wise for kicking off our celebratory morning,
bringing his wit, wisdom, and jovial nature to brighten the festivities.

Thank you to our teachers for manning carnival events and to Morah Judy
for conducting the Costume Contest.

Thank you to Jordan and Mia Brantz, Ohr Chadash graduates, and Benjamin
Horn, Allegra’s older brother, for enlivening the game competitions.  Jordan, Mia, and
Benjamin are all members of ICCJ’s Young Adults Group.

Thank you to Arlene Ratzabi and Neil Cohen of the Ohr Chadash School
Board for lending their assistance to the day’s celebration.

Thank to Nina and Adam Greebler of ICCJ and parents of Ohr Chadash
graduate, Max, for helping with the game setup and assisting in manning the activities.

Also, we greatly appreciate the assistance of our parents: Brian’s Mom,
Alex and Berri’s Mom and Dad, Ethan’s Mom, Zoey’s Mom, and Sabrina and Philip’s Dad for all their help with the games and the Ice Cream Bar.

If we inadvertently omitted any names, we truly apologize.

We hope Kochavim enjoyed making their honey bear groggers and they were
able to attend a Megillah service on Wednesday evening and put them to good use drowning out Haman’s name.

While Kochavim was putting their artistic talents to work, our Chalutzim, Giborim, and Gesher classes were testing their culinary talents by making various colored chocolate
hamantaschen and Purim lollipops.

When the Carnival got under way there were 13 game stations to choose
from, among them: Just For Kicks soccer, Spider-Man to the Rescue golf,
Mutant Hershey Kisses Toss, Hoop-De-Doo tabletop basketball, Trampoline
Toss, Football Hero touchdown game, Mr. Ed horseshoe ringer game,
Jupiter’s Rings & Saturn’s Rings Out of This World games, and tabletop
Skill Ball.

We also had Guess the Hersheys.  Students had to guess how many
Hershey kisses were in a large container.  The winner, Beata, came
closest to the 360 total, guessing 355.  Way To Go, Beata!
Her Prize: She got to take all the kisses home.

Tickets won for participating in the games were redeemed at the end of
school for prizes.

Following the carnival games, our students competed for best costumes in
each grade.

Considering how innovative the costumes were and how wonderfully each
child was attired,
our judges decided that all the children were winners.

Even though the temperature was only in the 30s outside, our children
decided it’s never too cold for ice cream sundaes or cones, topped with syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles.

And what could be better than dipping delectable hamantaschen in the ice
cream or covering it with yummy whipped cream?

After redeeming their carnival tickets, our students were given Shalach
Manot bags to take home, compliments of Ohr Chadash, so that the taste of Purim would be
theirs all week long.

Although the children return to regularly scheduled classes this week,
the countdown to Passover has begun as they prepare for our Passover Model Seder, which is set for Sunday, April 10th.