October, 2021: Cain’s Trial

October 17, 2021: After several weeks of preparation, the Giborim class held a trial for the first son, Cain, for slaying his younger brother, Abel.  Zoey Ludwig portrayed the accused brother, Ethan Sirota was cast as the District Attorney for the East of Eden district, Zachary Hausman served as Cain’s Defense Attorney, George Caggiano played Adam, Alexa Solomon was the distraught mom, Eve, and Leon Zagruzny presided over the jury as its foreman.  Gesher students Allegra Horn and Sabrina Weiler helped out the prosecution and defense as assistants, Allegra for the DA and Sabrina for the defense.  Ohr Chadash graduate Reed Ludwig, a secret high-powered lawyer, brought his expertise to the defense’s case, hoping to acquit his sister in her portrayal of Cain.

Upon the shoulders of the Chalutzim class, which served as the jury, lay the awesome task of deciding Cain’s fate.
Rabbi Wise of CEHHHB appeared as G-d’s representative, the Wise Angel, which added much excitement and a bit of snarkiness to the court proceedings.

After careful consideration of the presented facts, the jurors deliberated and reached their verdict, setting a non-Biblical precedent. Not Guilty by reason of ignorance.  As one juror remarked, “If there never had been a murder before this how could Cain know that what he was doing was wrong and his actions would result in his brother’s death?  That is why we came up with this verdict.”

The Wheels of Justice may not always spin in the direction we expect, but they do turn.